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3 Sisters Midwifery & Birth Center




Direct Client Medical Care for your Family

3 Sisters Midwifery is excited to announce their partnership with Equilibrium2 Holistic Health, LLC.  To call and schedule appt please call 

254-295-0732 or you can visit their website by clicking the button below.  

Equilibrium2 Holistic Health

3 Sisters Midwifery supports the Direct Primary Care Model, bridling health and wellness with the urgent need of an acute illness. Say good bye to high cost urgent care visits, uncomfortable cold medical environments, and hello to love, kindness, and support of parent choices. THEY LISTEN to your concerns and needs, THEY LISTEN to your opinion, what a great opportunity to jump in to true holistic care.

Dr. Fowler, MD (prefers to be called Ryan) and his medical partner, Nurse Practitioner, Kelli Dudley, want to care, love, and support your choices for your family. They are here to educate, nurture, and care for your needs as they arise. They are also here to support and care for both us, as midwives, and our clients during their pregnancy, on an as needed basis, at no extra cost. If, after care, you decide this is a right fit for you, the journey is seamless from midwife to high quality medical providers who advocate for parental choice and provide FULL family care beginning from the womb.

If you desire to have either Ryan or Kelli at your birth, we can discuss this as a team. Working together, all on the same page, with the same vision, and the same goals in mind - you regain your voice for what is best for your family. What a beautiful model of care!! 

Dr. Ryan Fowler, MD

Holistic Care



Compassionate Care

Dr Ryan Fowler, MD

Ryan grew up in West Virginia where he completed his undergraduate from West Virginia University and Medical school from Marshall University. He is Board Certified in Family Practice and completed a Sports Medicine Fellowship. After graduating from medical school Ryan joined the Navy, traveling around the world, including a humanitarian deployment throughout Central and South America. He is active in the Men’s group at their church, volunteers with several ministries both locally and internationally, and he is the YoungLife Chair for Mid-Tex YoungLife.

Ryan is very passionate about exercise and health and works out in his home gym regularly, along with rock climbing and Mountain biking. He has been married to his Wife Dayspring for 15 years and they have 3 young sons.

Ryan is also Board Certified in Integrative and Holistic Medicine and believes Holistic Health helps get to the root of the problem, to improve and maintain the body’s condition, allowing it to achieve optimal health. Holistic Health uses all manners of healing, not relying solely on medicine or surgery to be healthy. While in the military, he has walked along side families attending over 500 births. He supports the midwifery model of care and is gaining current evidenced based knowledge on all things breech, multiples, and VBACS. He provides normal low risk co-care, and supports out of hospital birth. He is a great blessing to 3 Sisters Midwifery and we are so very thankful.

Kelli Dudley, MSN, APRN

Kelli is a multi-generational Texan and can trace her family roots back to one of the original 300 families to settle Texas! But spent many years in the Northwest with spouse Mike and their 3 kids.

She took her time becoming a Family Nurse Practitioner.16 yrs ago she graduated from nursing school, knowing she wanted to go on to a Nurse Practitioner program, however, her heart was with her family, so she spent the next 12 years taking care of them and only worked part-time as a registered nurse.

Kelli has been married to Mike for 28 years and when the youngest flew the coop in 2014, she decided it was time to continue her education.

Kelli Graduated from Brigham University with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing in 2015 and from the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston in 2018.

Kelli has always been holistically inclined and supports holistic, natural therapies as first line therapy. She has a heart to serve the entire family, but loves that she is being called to care for women in particular. She is currently assisting us in an capacity we need, and we are thankful for that.

Because of her own testimony of heartache and fertility concerns, she is here to love on, nurture, and walk along side our families in a way few people can understand. 

We are so thankful for her heart of service and surrender to her calling and feel completely blessed to have her working side by side with 3 Sisters Midwifery.